The LEADER programme is one of the four community initiatives financed by the European Union Structural Fund.  Its objective is to encourage and help rural actors to consider and act on the long-term potential of their local region, by implementing integrated strategies and sustainable development projects. It is also designed to promote cooperation between rural areas of a particular State, even of different European States, in order to enable a sharing of experiences.
The development of a LEADER programme requires a Local Action Group (GAL) to be selected and chosen which is built around a unifying theme and defines a Strategic Development Plan.

Aims of the CER

An agreement between Wallonia Region, the Rural Foundation of Wallonia (FRW) and the Centre for Rural Economy (CER) governs the work of these two bodies as part of an overall aim of interfacing for the LEADER programme.
The missions allocated to the CER concern the interface between the project leaders and the Administrations for the financial aspects, in particular:
information on the eligibility of expenses;

  • verification of the claim statements and the conformity of the supporting documents before they are sent to the competent Administrations;
  • individualised assistance to the Local Action Groups with financial monitoring;
  • creation of IT tools (Excel) to enable optimal processing of the information to send to the Administrations and training in their use;
  • support to the co-ordinating DG (DGA): passing on the queries and compilation of useful financial data to the agent handling them;
  • Participation in the administrative task forces.

For its part, the FRW provides technical assistance in setting up and implementing the projects (information on the initiative, training for the project coordinators, funding, etc.).

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