The Agri-Development Department has initiated an agricultural biogas project near the plateau du Gerny in Marche-en-Famenne. To this end, it has solicited the expert assessment of the IDELUX-AIVE inter-municipal group, as well as that of Biotreatment SA, which specialises in biological treatment processes.

This unit will be supplied with farming effluent and other agricultural waste. Where possible, more highly methanogenic by-products will contribute to the mix (waste from the bakery trade, the brewing industry, the cheese industry, etc.). It will provide 1,000 kW of energy and generate close to 8,000 MWh of green electricity, equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,300 households. According to the Department, the heat available (excluding that consumed by the digester itself) will be equivalent to 660,000 litres of fuel oil. When fully operational, this project will save 5,600 tonnes of CO2 annually.
The originality of this project also resides in its association with an industrial partner, LHOIST SA, which will consume the electricity generated.

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