Multipurpose Farm Hall suitable for selling dairy products

A Multipurpose Farm Hall (HRA) is defined as a building designed to accommodate the activities of manufacturing or marketing of farm produce, including storage operations, by farmers or by cooperative associations for manufacturing and marketing. The technical equipment and fitting-out of these buildings intended to develop short cuts in the promotion of the farm produce is also included in the Multipurpose Farm Hall scheme.
In January 2011, not-for-profit company Agrinew submitted an application for subsidies in the context of the call for multipurpose farm hall projects. This was supported by Minister LUTGEN in July 2011, after the application had been passed to the Walloon Government.

The building, which should come into use in 2013 at Marloie, will contain two production lines for manufacturing cheese and other dairy products:

  • a production facility open to all farmers who want to process their milk, available for hire by the day;
  • a production facility with a greater capacity, which will be made available to a farmers’ cooperative.

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