Meat-producing breeds of cattle

The Agri-Development Department is currently finalising a comparative study, in collaboration with other bodies involved in the field and in particular with the Directorate of Agricultural Economic Analysis (DGARNE – DAEA). This is designed to show the advantages, but also the weaknesses, of the systems currently in use; on one hand, the farming of Belgian Blue cattle, and on the other hand, the farming of so-called “rustic” breeds (Blonde d’Aquitaine, Limousin or Charolaise).

This study should provide evidence of the effect of the "breed" factor on, in particular,

  • the production costs;
  • the profitability of the farming;
  • the performance of the animals;
  • the workload imposed on the farmer;

in order to best advise breeders desirous of optimising all of these criteria.

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