Services to public institutions

Where the farming industry intersects with public bodies, the Agri-Development Department offers decision-makers an informed opinion as well as relevant information to assess any agricultural projects which concern them.

General information

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions directly or indirectly related to Agriculture. We will be happy to offer you the benefit of our expertise.

Guidelines for sensitive projects

Some farming projects such as hen housing and other practices in the media spotlight can be of concern to municipal administrations, caught between the demands of farmers in search of diversification in rural areas and the protestations of local residents concerned about odours and other nuisances.

The Agri-Development Department now offers, through an agreement bringing together both the farmers and the municipal authorities, a customised service that will help foster a climate of trust between the various stakeholders. This service is based in part on the monitoring and application of "best farming practice", in particular when managing farming effluents (sites and timing of application, ground analyses, techniques such as application by injection, etc.).

Green energy industries

Leveraging its expertise and experience with various projects, the Agri-Development Department can help with the development, on your land, of alternative energy systems. Examples of such systems include biogas, cogeneration from plant oil, or energy from wood.

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